Journal Peran Lagu Dalam Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris



This article will describe the advantages of song to support English
language learning process and also review some methods to use songs in English
classroom. Moreover, this article will explain the position of English language in
Indonesia and the characteristic of children as foreign language learners.
Children have unique characteristics that could be employed for the
supporting factors and disadvantaging factors of foreign language learning
process. They need to move, be able to concentrate for a short term, learning
through experiences, less ability to control and plan their activities, titinada fear to do
some mistakes or take risks, not really paying attention to their shelves or their
actions, paying attention to the language purposes and possessing limited
experiences in their lives. Songs are learning resources that have so many
advantages, including linguistics resource, affective/psychological resource, and
cognitive resource.
Songs also can be used as a media to teach four major skills, which are
speaking, reading and writing. Another language skill such as pronunciation,
vocabulary and grammar can be learnt wit the use of songs as well.
Songs can be good learning sources for English language class. It would
be better if English language teachers in elementary schools realize the advantages
of using songs in the learning process to improve the quality of English language
learning process. Using textbooks is no longer sufficient. Teachers are demanded
to be creative in creating class activities to stimulate children so that they become
interested toward English language. Hence, their interests toward English
language would be an essential foundation to achieve the more satisfied English
language capability.