Latihan Soal Ukk Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 –
Bahasa Inggris menjadi salah sependapat yang paling utama di dunia. Ia perlu mempelajari ini sejak sekolah dasar.

Memperbanyak latihan soal bahasa Inggris kelas 3 akan sangat membantu dalam kejayaan berbahasamu. Di jenjang ini, sira perlu mempelajari vokabuler dasar, greeting, dan menentukan panggilan bakal anggota keluargamu.

Semester 1


Read the text to answer number 1-3

Melani goes to the canteen at 10.00. It’s a break time at school. She buys some food there. Melani orders a bowl of noodles an and a glass of mango juice. She is hungry because she doesn’horizon have breakfast in the morning.

1. What does Melani eat?

a. She eats a bowl of meatball.
b. She eats a bowl of noodles.
c. She eats a plate of rice.

2. Where is Melani on the story?

a. She’s at class.
b. She’s at canteen.
c. She’s at library.

3. What does she drink?

a. She drinks a bottle of mineral water.
b. She drinks a glass of avocado juice.
c. She drinks a glass of mango juice.

Read the text to answer number 4-6!

My mother goes to a market. She buys some fruit and vegetables. The fruit are oranges, watermelon, and grapes. The vegetables are carrots, cabbage, and eggplants. She goes there at 8 in the morning.

4. Where does mother go?

a. She goes to school.
b. She goes to a market.
c. She goes to a supermarket.

5. What vegetables does mom buy?

a. Eggplants.
b. Bell pepper.
c. Chili.

6. What fruit does mom buy?

a. Melon.
b. Apple.
c. Grapes.

7. My sister ___ the chicken soup in the kitchen.

a. Washes.
b. Cooks.
c. Studies.

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8. My father ___ at the office.

a. Works.
b. Buys.
c. Watches.

9. Where do you see spoon, plate, stove and knife?

a. In the living room.
b. In the kitchen.
c. In the bathroom.

10. Where do you see blanket, pillow and bolster?

a. In the bedroom.
b. In the dining room.
c. In the kitchen.

Semester 2


1. Which one is correct?

a. We have two feet.
b. We have three nose.
c. We have fifteen fingers.

2. We kick the ball using…

a. Hands
b. Feet
c. Knee

3. Which one the clothes for sleeping?

a. Shoes
b. Watch
c. Pajamas

4. If we go to school, we wear…

a. Uniform
b. Pajamas
c. Ufuk-shirt

Read the text below to answer number 5-7!

My house gas a small kitchen. Though it’s small, but it’s neat. I have one stove, ten spoons, ten forks, two knives, twenty plates, fifteen bowls, and seven glasses.

Those utensils are in the cupboard. I usually put them on the dining table when meal times. My mother loves to cook and i always help her. Her meal is always delicious.

5. How many bowls are in the story?

a. 15
b. 7
c. 10

6. Where are those utensils?

a. In the counter.
b. In the cupboard.
c. on the dining table.

7. These things are in the kitchen, except…

a. Glasses
b. Cups
c. Stove

Read the text to answer number 8-10


There is a park near my house. The name is Sempur Park. I usually jog with my brother. It’s a nice park because there are many trees and picnic kawasan too. Some children love to play swing and slide. The adults are sitting on the bench. On Sunday, it’s very crowded.

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8. What is the name of the park?

a. It’s Padjajaran park.
b. It’s Ancol park.
c. It’s Sempur park.

9. What does the park have?

a. Sandbox and statue.
b. The trees and picnic area.
c. The grill and rest rooms.

10 What are the adults doing?

a. They are sitting on the bench.
b. They are doing aerobic.
c. They are jogging on the track.

Tanya Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 SD mengenai Jam


1. Abi  : “When is Doraemon cartoon?”

Arya       : “___” (08.00 AM)

a. It’s eight o’clock in the morning.
b. It’s eight o’clock in the evening.
c. It’s nine o’clock in the morning.

2. Fathya        : “When does the match class menginjak?”

Ari          : “___” (01.00 PM)

a. It’s one udara murni’clock in the afternoon.
b. It’s eleven o’clock in the morning.
c. It’s one o’clock in the morning.

3. A      : “Excuse berpenyakitan, Sir. What time it is?”

B             : “___” (09.30 AM)

a. It’s half past ten.
b. It’s nine thirty.
c. it’s nine ozon’clock.

4. A      : “When does the bus come?”

B             : “___”

a. It comes.
b. It comes at nine o’clock.
c. I cannot see the bus.

5. Teacher      : “What time do you have breakfast?”

Tina        : “___”

a. I have breakfast at six in the evening.
b. I have breakfast at one in the afternoon.
c. I have breakfast at six in the morning.

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 SD tentang Job


1. A    : “Who is he?”

B             : “He is my uncle.”

A             : “What is his job?”

B             : “___. He knows how to play instrument.”

a. He is a doctor.
b. He is a musician.
c. He is a vet.

2. A    : “What’s your father doing?”

B             : “___. He works in a best restaurant in the city.”

a. He is a painter.
b. He is an artist.
c. He is a cook.

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Read the text below to answer the question number 3-5!

My Family’s Occupation

My name is Andrea. I’m a student at Nusa Nasion elementary school. My father is a vet. He loves animals so much, especially pewarna and dog. My mother is a doctor. She works at a big hospital in the town. My older brother is Toni. He’s a student of university in Australia.

3. Who is Andrea’s brother?

a. He is Toni, a university student.
b. He is Toni, a vet.
c. He is Toni, a doctor.

4. What is Andrea?

a. Teacher.
b. Student.
c. Singer.

5. What is Andrea’s father?

a. A vet.
b. A doctor.
c. A nurse.

Ragam tanya bahasa Inggris kelas 3 terbagi internal beberapa babak. Bagian terpentingnya ialah mempelajari panggilan tanggungan, pencahanan, dan juga menentukan jam.

Selain vokabuler, sira mesti berlatih berbagai dialog nan situasional. Dengan begitu, kamu akan dengan mudah mendapat habuan skor yang baik di sekolah dan berinteraksi dalam bahasa ini.