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Artikel Bahasa Inggris Tentang Ekonomi

AFTA 2022 Destruction of Indonesian Economy

Indonesia’s population is the 4th largest in the world, therefore the State Indonesia will always be an easy target for the target market of the various products world countries. Nowadays, it is because we are weak purchasing power, the various types of products that come, are a variety of low quality products originating from China at very cheap prices. Even the marketing net has reached the street vendors throughout Indonesia. As a result, all production of its kind in the nation be destroyed proved much variety of plastic and textile mills and woodworking tools, children’s toys out of business. It all is the impact of the entry into force of the ASEAN-China Free Trade Daerah (ACFTA) since 2010. All of the victims of bankrupt entrepreneurs say we cannot compete with the price of Chinese low quality products into Indonesia with a very low price. Yet the AFTA (Asean Free Trade Daerah) in 2022, the producers in Indonesia was not able to compete in the market in his own country to face the goods imported from China. Countries of China, Japan, India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam has carried out the attack production to Indonesia long before AFTA in 2022.

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If we look at the various urban shopping center, we can see the various types of fast-food snacks that have come from abroad (LN) and strangely visitors very much on the consumer Indonesian citizens. This is proof marketing strategies that do the foreign party through advertisements and films and our customers become victims of their ads. Can employers we do like this strategy in many countries the bulan-bulanan market? Can the Indonesian films can be watched by many people of the world where we can attach various commodities production with strategy National therein so that a consumer trend of the world?

Food needs such as salt, sugar, rice, flour, garlic, as well as fruits, Indonesia is still dependent on imports from LN. Could it be that we can compete with Asean countries are already self-sufficient in food needs? For clothing, clothing production of raw materials we are still fully imported. In Indonesia, there has been no major industrial chemical production base of various elements, so that production in Indonesia is still large import content. Consequently, there is no production mainstay of Indonesia which could permanently have strong competitiveness in the world. Indonesia’s rich natural resources can be improved if there is industrial added value of supporting basic chemical raw materials independently. The realization of AFTA in 2022 who lived only another year ahead, making the industry position of Indonesia is not yet ready for it, which actually can be prepared since the end of Suharto’s leadership. We can see Gusdur leadership era, Megawati until Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) is an era of national leadership that failed and a waste of time as well as imaging and even to build infrastructure in various regions lengap they failed. The funny thing in the era of Megawati’s leadership, we are in the country (DN) of natural gas shortages due to natural tabun we’ve sold contracts to China (Gas Tangguh ) by Megawati Soekarno Putri. Consequently, many national fertilizer factory nearly went bankrupt and was forced to raise the prices of their fertilizer because the natural asap is very expensive even imported. This is a stupidity and ignorance of our leaders have ever done in the past and there is no careful planning. This is a difficult dilemma for the dissolution of all parties.

What will happen when the AFTA in 2022 is realized? Because Indonesia’s incaran market is the world number four, the ASEAN countries will be the entrance of the various outcomes of different types of world production whose price is very competitive. Especially Singapore would be an agent to sell goods distributor world production world countries to Indonesia. Because officials in Indonesia is very easy in stopper with money, then very weak supervision of the quality of production of the imported goods will be occasions disposal of production that failed to make the impact of prolonged DN industry more helpless. Moreover, if the management of government 2022-2019 still as SBY leadership management style, we will be more severe conditions.

Advanced industrialized countries the world has been very high efficiency for a variety of production has been done with robotic system. Indonesia’s production will not be able to compete if they only use labor-intensive production systems. In terms of accurate, precision, quality and pricing Technology and moreover design, industrial robotic system cannot be resisted, but with the same system.

Human Resource we were able to enter the field of creativity and productivity in all areas of Asean countries, it still would not be able to become a mainstay of foreign exchange earnings up to the National because our human resources cannot be used as a marketing chain of wholly national production components sourced from Indonesia. They are the human resources we can only be as experts or professionals in their field of human resources if it could run in production, it will use the raw materials from the country where he lived and worked as migrant workers does not change during the time that only rely on services revenue. Can compete with HR HR Indonesia China, India and Pakistan? Or can the HR Indonesia compete Asean member country whose population is very little? So concerned in 2022 AFTA is the Asean countries themselves who want to take advantage of the huge market of Indonesia, besides the advanced industrial countries other using the name of Asean countries for the purpose of the Indonesian market. With full effect in 2022 AFTA and WTO in 2022, due to the poor is 1945 and numerous laws that have been painstakingly created to protect and promote domestic industry and job creation be gone largely no longer apply. We realize all that AFTA and WTO is the grand strategy of the capitalist world high to eliminate the sovereignty of a country? (Ashwin Pulungan)

Source: http://ekonomi.kompasiana.com/menggandar/2014/04/05/afta-2015-kerusakan-ekonomi-indonesia-646709.html

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