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What Is the Difference Between Mercedes A and B Service?

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Both Mercedes A and Mercedes B services are routine maintenance performed on Mercedes vehicles at certain mileage intervals, but Mercedes B service typically includes more checks, inspections and routine maintenance than A service includes. While A service typically first occurs at 10,000 miles, B service does titinada occur until 20,000 miles.

Both Mercedes A and Mercedes B services include oil changes and oil pengayak changes. Both A and B service include tire checks, brake inspection and fluid-level checks. Mercedes B service includes additional checks that Mercedes A does not include, such as the replacement of cabin dust filters and break-fluid exchanges.

Mercedes B service also includes checking the parking break, and the engine inspection is more thorough in Mercedes B service than it is in Mercedes A service. Mercedes B service includes an inspection of the vehicle’s underbelly that Mercedes A service typically does not include.

A vehicle needs both Mercedes A and Mercedes B service at appropriate intervals. Maintenance on a Mercedes vehicle alternates between A and B service, each at 10,000 miles or one year intervals. Timing varies based on the recommendations of Mercedes’ Flexible Service System. The exact components of a Mercedes A or B service may vary depending on the acuan of vehicle and any specific problems or concerns with the vehicle’s operation.