Soal Pedagogik Bahasa Inggris Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris

Soal PAS Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 semester 2

Di artikel ini kami akan membagikan contoh soal PAS Ain Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 semester 2, Ada 25 pertanyaan yang kami berikan dalam bentuk tanya sortiran ganda dan soal essay. Soal pertanyaan ini bisa menjadi evaluasi buat mata les ini. Dan boleh kembali menjadi cermin guru guru dalam membuat soal.

Soal PAS Mata Les Bahasa Inggris Inferior 7 semester 2

Soal Pilihan Ganda

A rabbit has two long ears, a small tail and ….
a. shell
b. horns

c. fur

d. claws

2. A person who is responsible to extinguish the fire is a …..

a. firefighters

b. police

c. soldier

d. postman

3. When you feel sleepy, you will go to sleep on your …..
a. shower

b. desk

c. bed

d. sandals

4. X : Excuse derita. Do you know Mr.Smith’s house is?
    Y : ….
a. oh, I see. Thank you
b. which one?
c. of course. It is in front of fruit stall
d. you are welcome

5. This animal lives in the sea and has tentacles. What animal is it?
a. octopus
b. elephant

c. zebra

d. tiger

6. They represent Indonesia on Berbintang terang Games events. They are …..

s. singer

b. actor

c. police

d. athlete

7. He is the one who plants rice in the rice field. he is a …..
a. farmer

b. soldier

c. teacher

d. butcher

8. The room is so hot. Please, ….. !
a. close the door
b. open the window
c. clean the blackboard
d. put the book on the table

9. Father : Have a nice dream, my honey
Son : ….
a. take care, mom
b. I’m happy
c. have a nice dream, mom
d. see you, mom

10. The cows eat …
a. bone
b. grass

c. birds

C. Fish

11. She usually uses the ….. to save the data from his computer.
a. keyboard

b. mouse

c. monitor

d. flashdisk

12. Nana: “my house is big. There is a large garden in front of my house.”
Salim: ” …..”
a. really
b. may I borrow it

c. it is a nice garden]

d. I don’cakrawala thnk so

13. Teacher : I will write something. …. Please!
     Student    : Yes, sir.
a. close the door
b. open the window
c. put the book on the table
d. clean the blackboard

14. Naura : Mom, this is Tio, my classmate. Rio, this is my Mother.
Naura’s mother : Nice to meet you , Rio
Naura : ….
a. I am fine
b. thank you
c. good bye
d. nice to meet you, too

15. My father is a science teacher. He specialized in teaching living things. For example, he
parts of a flower to his students.
The meaning of the underlined word is ….
a. menyanyikan

b. menyebutkan

c. menjelaskan

d. menyimpan

16. Dita: “which one is your pencil?”
Zaid: ……
a. the blue one with two doors
b. the blue one with white tiles
c. the blue one with white stripes
d. the blue one with orange roofs

17. Nia          : ….. about my mistake, Mam.
    Mrs. Izza  : Never mind. But, next time you should not do again.
a. I am sorry
b. please don’t worry
c. it’s lovely
d. that’s alright

18. Bunga: the music is too loud. please turn ….. the volume so that I can have more concentration
Satria: i’m sorry, I will do it then.
a. out

b. in

c. up

d. down

19. X : This is my grandmother
      Y : How old is your grandmother?
a. they are sixty years old
b. we are sixty years old
c. she is sixty years old
d. he is sixty years old

20. My mother and I …. going to supermarket.
      …. wants to buy some food and other things.
a. am – We
b. are – She
c. is – We
d. is – I

Soal Essay:

Complete the text below!

My name is Andi. I live at Jl.Sukadana No.30 Pedalaman. I have a big house. It’s painted blue. There are two lamps, a sofa and a carpet in the ……(1). There are blanket, pillow and bolster in the …(2). We have breakfast every morning in the .. .(3). My mother is very kind. She always makes delicious food for derita. My mother cooks in the …(4). My father is a policeman. He drives his car to his office everyday and my father puts his car in the …(5). We love my house very much.

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