Ukk Tahun Pelajaran 2016 B.inggris Kelas 7

Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris  Kelas 7 SMP MTS Tahun 2022.Les Tanya Ulangan Pertambahan Inferior (UKK) atau Penilaian Intiha Tahun (PAT) Bahasa Inggris SMP Inferior 7.
Adik-adik sparing dan berlatih suntuk penting untuk meraih kejayaan. Menghadapi Ulangan Eskalasi Kelas alias Ulangan Pengunci Semester Genap, adik-adik perlu belajar untuk mendapatkan hasil yang terbaik. Berikut ini Soal Tutorial UKK / PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 (VII) SMP MTS. Silahkan anda pelajari cak bertanya Kursus UKK /PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas bawah 7 (VII) SMP MTS, semoga hasil diperoleh sesuai dengan yang kita harapkan.


Cak bimbingan Soal Ulangan Eskalasi Kelas bawah (UKK) ataupun Penilaian Akhir tahun (PAT) Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7.

Choose the best answer by crossing a, b, c, or d.

1. Tasya  : I don’tepi langit have any pen. …, please?

Rudy   : Sure. Here you are.

a.     What is this

b.    Take derita the pen

c.     May I have one

d.    Give me the pen

2. Hani            : Do you have a spare ruler, Nita?

Nita            : Yes. I have got two.

            Hani    : ….

            Nita     : Certainly.

a.     Can I have one of the rulers, please?

b.    Are you using them?

c.     Where do you put them?

d.    Where are your rulers?

3.         Budi    : May I borrow your book, please?

Citra           : …

a.     Thank you.

b.    Yes, I do.

c.     I’m sorry I’m using it now.

d.    What?

4.         Tiara    : How many classrooms are there in the school?

Fika            : … twenty four classrooms.

a.     It is

b.    They are

c.     These are

d.    There are

5.         Risa     : Hey, there is a new computer in the living room.

            Rudy   : …

            Risa     : Absolutely.

a.     That’s great.

b.    I think so.

c.     Are you sure?

d.    I like computers.

6.         Aris     : My house is big. There is a large garden in front of my house.

Dina            : …

a.     Really?

b.    May I borrow it?

c.     I don’t think so.

d.    It is a nice garden.

7.         Via      : Where are the books, Dony?

Dony   : ….

a.     They are on the shelves

b.    They are on the tables

c.     They are in the cupboards

d.    They are on the chairs

8. Citra            : Excuse me, where are the students?

Dita            : ….

Citra           : Thank you.

a.     They are in the library

b.    They are in the language laboratory

c.     They are in the canteen

d.    They are in the classroom

9.         Adi      : Angelina, do you think a pilot is a good job?

            Angelina          : …

a.     I think so.

b.    Really?

c.     He flies a plane.

d.    He is handsome.

10. Sinta          : …, Ratna?

Ratna  : She is a nurse.

a.     Who is your mother

b.    Where is your mother

c.     What does your mother do

d.    What does your father do

11. Miss Tiara is a flight attendant. She takes care of ….

a.     patients

b.    passengers

c.     fields

d.    animals

12. Mr Rahadi is a chef. He cooks food at a ….

a.     hospital

b.    restaurant

c.     plane

d.    shop

13. Adi            : What fruits do you like?

Laila           : ….

a.     I like soup very much

b.    I like pizza

c.     Yes, I do. I like fruits

d.    I like apples and oranges

14. Tina           : How do you record on this tape recorder, Ali?

Ali  : Just … the record button and then speak into the microphone.

a.     pull

b.    dial

c.     plug

d.    push

15. Citra          : … me that eraser, please.

Edi  : This eraser? Here you are. Citra        : Thanks.

a.     Pass

b.    Put

c.     Borrow

d.    Throw

16. Angelina    : Dad, get derita an apple, please.

Father         : ….

Angelina     : Thanks, Dad.

a.     I’m busy

b.    Get one yourself

c.     Sure, honey

d.    I’m sorry

Task 2

Read  the  text  and  answer  the  questions  by  choosing  the  correct alternative.

Questions 17 to 21 refer to the following text.

My family and I live in a new house in Surabaya on Jl. Kartini. It is a very nice house and I like it. The house has four bedrooms, one living room and one kitchen. There are two bathrooms and one of them is next to my room. My house also has a garage. Beside the garage, there is a small swimming pool. There is also a large garden in front of the house. We love the house.

17. Where does the writer live?

a.     Semarang.

b.    Jakarta.

c.     Surabaya.

d.    Bandung.

18. How is the writer’s house?

a.     It is large.

b.    It is beautiful.

c.     It is big.

d.    It is small.

19. How many bedrooms does the house have?

a.     Two.

b.    Three.

c.     Four.

d.    Five.

20. What is next to the writer’s room?

a.     Kitchen.

b.    Living room.

c.     Bathroom.

d.    Garage.

21. What is next to the garage?

a.     Swimming pool.

b.    Bathroom.

c.     Kitchen.

d.    Living room.

Questions 22 to 25 refer to the following text.


•      1 cup uncooked rice

•      2 tablespoons butter

•      1 teaspoon curry powder

•      1/2 chopped onion

•      1/2 cup raisins

•      2 cups water

 Curried Rice


•      Find a large saucepan or frying pan which has a lid, place on a medium heat, add butter, and then add chopped onion. Cook the onion for a couple of minutes until it starts to brown slightly.

•      Add curry powder stir with onions for a minute.

•      Add raisins, rice, and water.

•      Put on lid and simmer until water is absorbed (about 15 minutes)

22. What does the text tell you?

a.     How to make curried rice.

b.    How to buy curried rice.

c.     How to get curried rice.

d.    How to find curried rice.

23. The following is NOT the ingredient to make curried rice ..

a.     2 cups water

b.    1 teaspoon curry powder

c.     1 cup uncooked rice

d.    2 teaspoons sugar

24. We need … minutes to cook the curried rice.

a.     20

b.    15

c.     5

d.    25

25. How much raisins is needed to cook curried rice?

a.     2 cups.

b.    1 cup.

c.     2 cup.

d.    % cup.

Task 3

Work  in  pairs  with  your  classmate.  Make  dialogues  based  on  the following situations.

26. You and your friend are at a bookstore and want to buy a pen. Ask your friend’s opinion about the pen that you like.

27. Your friends visit you at home. Offer them something to eat and drink.

d of yours doesn’n know how to make a phone call. Tell him/her the steps.

Task 4

Write short texts as instructed.

29. Write a short text describing your mother.

30. Write a short text on the steps


1.         C

2.         A

3.         C

4.         D

5.         C

6.         A

7.         A

8.         B

9.         A

10.       C

11.       B

12.       B

13.       D

14.       D

15.       A

16.       C

17.       C

18.       B

19.       C

20.       C

21.       A

22.       A

23.       D

24.       B

25.       C







1. Look at the picture !

He took …… to clean his nose.

A. a bed cover

B. some paper

C. a handkerchief

D. a curtain

Jawaban : C

2. Look at the picture !

You can get water from the …….

A. pool

B. well

C. stream

D. river

Jawaban : B

3. Look at the picture !

A. The big boxes are more than the small ones

B. The big boxes are fewer than the small ones

C. The small boxes are fewer than the big ones

D. The small boxes are as many as bis ones

Jawaban : B

4. Look at the picture !

Note :

A = is my house

B = is my school

C = is the post office

D = is the movie

A. My school is far from my house

B. The post office is farther from my than the movie

C. The movie the farthest from my house

D. The movie is next to my house

Jawaban : C

5. This is …….. bicycle.

A. Ruddy’s

B. him

C. he

D. Ruddy

Jawaban : A

6. Aunt Tina has a new car.

The grey car over there is ……..

A. her

B. hers

C. she

D. she’s

Jawaban : B

7. Susy’s uncle is carrying a bag, …… is going to the office.

A. She

B. His

C. He

D. Him

Jawaban : C

8. When Rini and I were in the yard, father called ……..

A. us

B. they

C. their

D. we

Jawaban : A

9. A : The weather is hot in Surabaya. Which shirt do you need ?

B : I need the thin …..

A. one

B. once

C. one’s

D. ones

Jawaban : A

10. This test is not difficult, ……… can do it.

A. no one

B. one

C. anybody

D. nobody

Jawaban : C

11. Mother wants to make fried rice for a party. She needs three ounces of salt and one kilogram of butter. She also needs …….. eggs and …….. rice.

A. much – many

B. a lot of – much

C. a few – a little

D. many – a little

Jawaban : B

12. I have a pena-friend in Canada. We have been writing to ……… since last year.

A. some other

B. other

C. Each other

D. another

Jawaban : C

13. There are ……. on the ground.

A. some leaves

B. leaf

C. any leaves

D. the leaf

Jawaban : A

14. …….. includes rice, vegetables, meat, fruit, and milk.

A. Good food

B. A good food

C. Any good food

D. Those good food

Jawaban : B

15. The sick man ……. on his bed now.

A. does not lying

B. is no lying

C. not is lying

D. is lying

Jawaban : D


Soal dan Kancing Jawaban Tanya PAT Bahasa Inggris  Kelas 7 SMP MTS Musim 2022

16. On our way home last week we …… at home places.

A. has stopped

B. stops

C. stopped

D. is stoping

Jawaban : C

17. It ………. It is very cloudly.

A. was raining

B. rains

C. rained

D. is going to rain

Jawaban : D

18. Mr. Amat is a technician. He often ……… radios, calculator, sound system, etc.

A. is fixing

B. fixes

C. fix

D. fixed

Jawaban : B

19. Basir : May I go to Iwan’s house ?

Mother : Only if you …….. your homework.

A. do

B. did

C. have done

D. is doing

Jawaban : C

20. A : ……. studying Dutch ?

B : Since last month.

A. How long are you

B. How long were you

C. How long have you been

D. How long are you going to be

Jawaban : C

21. The students were collecting their exercise books ……..

A. when the teacher came in

B. this morning

C. for about twenty minutes

D. just now

Jawaban : A

22. X : Is your litlle brother sleeping now ?

Y : Yes, he is. He …… for an hour.

A. sleeps

B. slept

C. was sleeping

D. has been sleeping

Jawaban : D

23. You …….. abroad next December.

A. have Bone

B. will go

C. went

D. go

Jawaban : B

24. Krisna entered the room ……… sat down.

A. but

B. and

C. or

D. until

Jawaban : B

25. ………. he is poor he does his work well.

A. But

B. So

C. Although

D. Because

Jawaban : C

26. This eraser is not his and it isn’t mine either ………. is it ?

A. How

B. Which

C. What

D. Whose

Jawaban : D

27. X : ……. is the doctor going to come ?

Y : At once.

A. How far

B. How soon

C. How many

D. How old

Jawaban : B

28. A : …….. is the wall ?

B : About twelve metres.

A. How high

B. How deep

C. How long

D. How far

Jawaban : A

29. ……… no one in the classroom.

A. There is

B. There isn’t

C. There are

D. There overe

Jawaban : A

30. It’s very cold in Bromo, you ………. wear a thick coat.

A. should

B. should not

C. may

D. can

Jawaban : A

31. The driver drove his bus …..

A. careful

B. careless

C. more careful

D. carelessly

Jawaban : D

32. X: How did you come here ?

Y : I took a bus …… here.

A. to come

B. come

C. came

D. is coming

Jawaban : A

33. Is ……. time to have dinner ?

A. a

B. some

C. it

D. that

Jawaban : C

34. A : Hi. I am glad …….. you.

B : So am I.

A. see

B. sees

C. to see

D. saw

Jawaban : C

35. My friend said : ……. !

A. Titinada to go home

B. Don’cakrawala be go home

C. Being not home

D. Don’cakrawala go home

Jawaban : D

36. A : What did you think Roby was doing ?

B : I …….. he ……..

A. thought – was playing

B. thought – is playing

C. think – was playing

D. think – is playing

Jawaban : A

37. I know Tini …….. able to make any friends since last week.

A. had been

B. have

C. has been

D. has

Jawaban : C

38. My sister has some good trousers.

I have some good trousers.

Penggabungan yang bermartabat bermula kedua kalimat tersebut …….

A. My sister has some good trousers and so I have.

B. My sister has some good trousers and so has I.

C. My sister has some good trousers and I has too.

D. My sister has some good trousers and I do too.

Jawaban : A

39. The lady ……. the blue taxi is my neighbour.

A. on

B. in

C. at

D. of

Jawaban : B

40. The man is my father.

He sat in the livingroom.

Penggabungan nan benar berpangkal kedua kalimat tersebut ialah ……..

A. The man is my father who sat in the livingroom.

B. The man who sat in the livingroom is my father.

C. The man who is my father sat in the livingroom.

D. My father who sat in the livingroom is a man.

Jawaban : B

41. Susunlah menjadi kalimat nan bersusila !

they – she – studies – wonder – English – why

A. She studies English why they wonder.

B. She wonder they stuides English.

C. Why they wonder she studies English.

D. They wonder why she studies English.

Jawaban : D

42. You ………. if you walk in the rain.

A. will be sick

B. sick

C. will sick

D. are sick

Jawaban : C

43. All the nails are useless, …….. ?

A. don’horizon they

B. aren’tepi langit they

C. are they

D. do they

Jawaban : B

44. A …….. looks after sick people.

A. woodcutter

B. nurse

C. shoemaker

D. patient

Jawaban : B

45. The moon is a ……….. of the earth.

A. kecupan

B. sattellite

C. satelit

D. star

Jawaban : B